Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Audrey, Chiffon, and the sleeves

Isn't this such a simply beautiful image? 
Another great studio shot by Miyo Strong for Busath. 

I don't know how much to say about these brides.  One thing about Audrey, she is just as the image captured her.  Calm, cool, and collected.  A quick example, when she tried the finished dress she repeated, "I am so excited about this,"  in the most dead pan way.  I laughed, because she was so sincere but her tone was so even.  I am lucky she vocalized her feelings, otherwise, I would not have known. 

Audrey spent time in India teaching kids and working in a leprosy colony.  Isn't that just amazing?  I have so much respect for these brides and what they are accomplishing.  I do believe women are doing more than when I was in college.  It is encouraging and empowering. 

Thanks Audrey, Happy Wedding!

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Emily Heizer Photography said...

She looks stunning!You did a wonderful job with her dress Melissa! It's beautiful!

And what an amazingly accomplished young lady! The only bride I've ever been able to work with in Utah (I've desperately been trying to book my first Utah wedding for like six years!) was a woman who I gave away a bridal session to. She was maybe 23? She already had her bachelor's degree, was working on her master's and had just returned from a mission overseas.

Amazingly accomplished young people this state puts out into society. And they are changing the world!

Don't forget to update us on those dresses you showed us in progress too! :)