Monday, December 28, 2009

The Piano

I was taken aback when Ashley, a bride I did an alteration for, showed me her engagement photos.  She talked about bringing a piano up to the Alpine Loop for their photo shoot.  It is one of those times you think, well, I must have misunderstood what she was saying.  There is no way she hauled a piano up there for that.  Then I saw the incredible photos shot by Katherine Loveless (found at and I believed.
Just thought you all should see these stunning shots.  It seems this couple is destined for great things. 
I checked out Katherine's blog as well.  Warning, only check it out if you can control your blog envy.  Really creative and beautiful photographer and graphics designer. 

This shot is my favorite.


Solana said...

That is awesome!

april said...

How are you? Your photos are AMAZING! Wow! Who knew you were also a photographer? Not me!

april said...

Oh I feel stupid. Well- if you didn't take the photos, at least you have the good taste to post them on your blog. AND the feather shawl is devine.

Anonymous said...

What the?! That's amazing and fun but I think this is where Photoshop would have saved someone a little back pain. :)