Saturday, August 22, 2009

Marcee and Marc's Groomals

Here are some absolutely stunning photos of Marcee and Marc. There are more at Kate Benson's great blog. I love this photo shoot. Very clean and so sweet! Marcee is the last dress I finished. The dress was draped in such a way that, during the fittings, she looked a bit Greek goddess.... even though the dress was out of silk taffeta. Have a wonderful wedding. You guys are so cute together.

My favorite part is the crooked bow at the small of her back. It is funny how things come full circle. My first few wedding dresses had huge bows on them. I am loving the chance to play with some alternative bows again.


marymary said...

Beautiful. The draping on the bodice is jaw-dropping gorgeous. I wish I could see it up close.

Claira Gale said...

Your dresses are absolutely fantastic. I have been dress shopping for a good month now and I am just falling IN LOVE with your work. It's honestly the classiest stuff I've seen so far. Very impressive!