Thursday, May 14, 2009

For Ben and Lydia

Ben and Lydia visited us a month ago. We had an incredible time here and in Moab. I can't tell you how great it was to have them here. They really treated the kids well. Thanks you guys!
Anyway, Ben and Lydia do a lot of Down Hill biking. We watched some great video of some pro "downhillers". This got to Hank and since then he has been more daring on his bike. He is searching out rough terrain and has also been practicing on the rocks out front.... thus the pictures.
This is a good example of the influence of aunts and uncles.
Thanks Ben and Lydia!


Lydia said...


Wow I wish I would have been doing that at Hank's age! Won't be long before we'll start watching Hank in those pro mountain bike movies!

Are you guys mapping out a mountain bike course in your backyard yet?? ;)

Ben said...

Wow Hank, good job!! That's a pretty steep drop there but it looks like you handled it just fine. Cool man!!